Photography is more than just taking photos; it is the art of capturing the feel of every moment to make it last a lifetime. There are actually a variety of photography niches such as portrait, street, sports photography and many more. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or simply interested about the different niches to know what photographer you need, below is a list of the most popular photography niches.

Portrait Photography

This type of photography focuses mainly on taking pictures of a person. Portrait photography is popular today since almost anyone can take a selfie with their phone’s camera. The main goal of this type is to capture the personality of the subject through poses or facial expressions. Portrait photographers usually shoot models, artists and famous personalities but they can also take graduation photos, family portraits and many more.

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is popular to those who love to travel or explore the outdoors. The main goal of this niche is to capture stunning sceneries of nature and outdoors. Horizontal shots are common in taking landscape photos but there are plenty of angles to experiment on such as vertical and aerial shots.

Food Photography

Almost everyone has tried this type once, twice or even a dozen times. As the name implies, the main subject of every photo is food or anything food-related. With the influence of social media, lots of people take photos of their food whether for serious reasons or simply for fun. It’s easy to capture images of food and you can even use your smartphone for that. However, make sure to adjust the saturation of the photos to make the food look more appealing.

Event Photography

Event photography requires a lot of photography skills and techniques to capture all kinds of special moments in an event. Event photographers are usually hired for any occasion such as birthdays, concerts, parties, weddings, and other events. Dezine By Mauro is Melbourne’s best when it comes to event photography. Contact them for all your event photography needs.

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is a challenging type of niche. You need to capture clear images of animals in their natural habitat without disturbing their nature. Wildlife photographers need to be a lot more careful when capturing photos of dangerous animals however, they get a decent amount for every nice shot they have.

Still Life Photography

Still life photographers capture pictures of objects. This type of photography niche is usually used in advertising where the products are photographed for magazines, catalogues and ads. The main secret in still life photography is good lighting so the object is well illuminated without the ugly shadows.

Street Photography

Street photography is popular among people who love exploring the real world with their camera at hand. The main subjects in street photography are street vendors, street art, sidewalks, street food and anything that portrays the real world. Black and white is a common style in street photography but you can stick to coloured if you prefer.

If you’re an aspiring photographer, trying out different niches is natural. You’ll get to know which one suits your style and practice it to excel in that area.



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