You said ‘yes’ to the man/woman of your dreams but you’re probably just realizing arranging the actual wedding is a whole other stressful experience if you don’t know where to start.  If you’re hoping to get that perfect, dream wedding, you may be setting yourself up for some pretty difficult goals but you have to remember it’s all about portraying confidence in what you want, seizing the day and making it happen methodically. Here’s a guide on how to plan that dream wedding to make the whole process easier for you!

The Engagement Party

Let’s not jump the gun; it all begins with the engagement. This can be a great start to your wedding planning experience but you don’t want to be too extravagant here since you have a much bigger party headed your way. Keep this intimate- between close friends and family.

Be Inspired With Pinterest

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration if you still don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. But we’d recommend doing this either way since you’ll be bombarded with great ideas for your theme, décor, dress etc. that you never even knew you wanted. So create a dream wedding board and pin everything that catches your eye. At the end of this session, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you’ll want your wedding to look like.


Get yourself a planner and a binder. Pinterest boards are just as well but you need something tangible where you can write down vendor quotes as you plan your wedding, attach swatches of fabric for your dress, add in brochures for your honeymoon. Go in without this and you’ll really be struggling to make decisions down the line purely based on your memory so organize everything in your planner and binders.


Get your hands on all your wedding party supplies Canberra from one place so you don’t have to rush to different vendors for your necessities. This will be a major time saver and a must on any bride’s to-do list.

The Guest List

This is high up there on some of the first things you have to do. Hotels, your caterer- all your vendors will want to be knowing what kind of quantity they’re dealing with so it’s best you create this list to get a basic idea.

Book Your Venues

A venue can be booked up pretty fast. You’ll want to decide your venue as soon as possible and make the booking for at least 18 months in advance to be safe. All your decor and available vendors depend on your venue so this is something you’ll want to be addressed at the top of the list.

Finalizing With Vendors

In the last weeks before your wedding you’re going to want to make final arrangements with your vendors- make sure all is agreed with the menu, requested music, your cake, what kind of shots you expect from you photographer Each vendor plays a role and this is the time for you to outline it in detail as well as organize payment.

This is how you’re going to have to play your dream wedding. Remember it’s all about handling everything methodically and keeping everything organized and within reach. Your dream day will be as perfect as you envisioned.

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