If you’re the wedding planner or the bride herself then you know the amount of planning that needs to be done prior to a wedding. A wedding is not a simple event, it hasn’t been for a very long time; each year weddings become more and more extravagant than previous ones and in every wedding there is one common thing, all the brides and grooms want to make their wedding unique and new than the ones previously held. Now, this is one thing that we can appreciate, I mean, it obviously shows the amount of interest and dedication the couple is willing to put into planning the – potentially- most important night of their lives, however, this only makes the life of the wedding planner or if the bride is doing all of it herself much harder.


The one thing you can easily change is the theme, this is quite obvious because once you choose a unique theme, that is, that is one that hasn’t been done before then quickly you can build on it and create an amazing event around it. Amidst the busyness of putting together this whole event there might be things we could forget, for instance, looking into what the families will wear, etc. To avoid this potential forgetfulness, what you can do is to start on a few tasks earlier than usual. That is, before you get your hands dirty with all the big stuff about the wedding, focus on few of the other things. Here are some:

Get Your Parents Outfits Sorted Early On

As you commence the wedding planning journey, which believe me sometimes takes over a year, focus on the smaller aspects like getting your parents outfits sorted. This is one way to make them feel super included and grateful as well; have the moms pick out their outfits from Anthea Crawford mother of the bride selections and the dads to either get their suits from the same place as the groom or a new different place. The idea here is to not make them feel neglected despite the amount of work that needs to be done.

Finalize Things With Your Cater

Another thing you can do early on before you really get started on things would be to sort out your cater. Unlike the decor or any aspect of the wedding that would depend on another aspect, and cater is an independent task. Talk to a few friends, get recommendations and do your own bit of research and make sure to get what you can find. Believe me there is nothing that puts off a perfect wedding than horrible food. So don’t leave it till the last, get it sorted much earlier on.


This is obviously another one of those things that you could look into quite early on. It is easier to have this sorted out as early as possible because then there’s plenty of time for you to choose other things accordingly based on the location. The venue you choose can in turn determine numerous other things like the amount of decor, the photographer to hire and even simple things like the type of hairstyle the bridal party should have. So, get your venue sorted as soon as possible.



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