Taking photos is a great way to express yourself and to have fun on social media. However, as you surely know, it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to take a flattering photo of yourself. Often times when we take bad pictures, our self-esteem suffers and we’re convinced that we just look ugly.

The truth that taking a photo of yourself is an art that needs to be mastered. Fortunately our tips below can get you there pretty quickly.

Try Snapping From Above

When you shoot from above, it makes both your face and neck appear smaller and place more emphasis on your eyes. As a result, you’ll look way more appealing in the photo. Make sure not to hold up your phone to high because the photo may look distorted otherwise. Position it just a few inches above eye level for the best result.

If you take a picture from below, you do tend to look a bit more dominant or intimidating. However, the focus on the chin and nose may result in a photo that’s less flattering.

Follow the Rule of Thirds

If you want to take an interesting snap, make sure that you don’t centre yourself in the frame. Instead, try positioning your face so that your eyes are located one third of the way down from the top and a little bit off to the side.

Pick the Right Background

People don’t just notice you; they’re eyes scan the background as well. Hence, before you attempt to snap a selfie, make sure you pick a backdrop that’s at least moderately appealing. If you can’t find an appropriate location at home, we highly recommend trying out a few coloured paper rolls as the background. These are especially useful when you want to take a formal picture.

Have Someone Else Take the Picture

There are a couple of pros to having someone else take your picture rather than taking a selfie. For starters, you are free to get more creative with your poses as you are able to use both hands. In addition, you can get another person’s input straightaway on how to take the best photo. Furthermore, there’s less chance of the picture being blurred as the person taking the photograph can steady the camera or phone using both hands.

Don’t Look Directly At the Camera

While your eyes might be your most alluring feature, it makes for an interesting photograph when you look away from the camera. Don’t worry, you can still draw emphasis to the eyes by keeping them wide open.

Looking elsewhere makes the snap look a bit more natural; as if you’re not really posing at all. However, make sure that your gaze is well away from the lens because otherwise it’d just look like you didn’t know where the camera was.

As you can see, there are many ways to improve the quality of the pictures you take of yourself. You can try changing to a more flattering angle, positioning your face away from the centre and looking away, picking an appealing background or having someone else snap the photo for you.

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