If your big day is finally on the cards, and you cannot wait to be hitched, then we’re excited for you! We know it’ll be perfect! Here are 7 things that make your wedding day extra glamorous; especially for the bride…

Find the Right Invitations

Your wedding invitations are what your guests see first and foremost of your wedding. While it’s true that the life span of the invitation card can be pretty short, you can increase its life span, and its worth by making it mandatory for your wedding guests to bring the card for entrance to the wedding reception. Make sure the card is well worth hanging on to…!

Have the Reception at An Unexpected Venue?

Destination weddings were pretty famous just a while back; but slowly began losing its popularity when only a few could afford to fly in an entire wedding party to some exclusive and extravagant place. The alternative¾having a small and exclusive wedding list that forces you to uninvited quite a few important people. However, we are firm believers of the fact that a destination does not necessarily have to be somewhere exotic; just somewhere unexpected and glamorous.

Invite A Few Glamourous Guests

Make sure to have a few starts studding your guest list, to add in a little extra oomph to your special day, and add to its glamorousness. They could be local celebrities or even a few family members that are a little hard to get down for occasions as such. Trust us, having their presence will elevate the glamour of your day…

Book the Best Caters in Town

Let’s be realistic; most people at your wedding are looking forward more to seeing the buffet than the ceremony itself. To make sure they aren’t disappointed, consider booking the best caters in town for your special day. Make sure to include all varieties of food into it so that those with dietary restrictions need not feel left out. To make it extra glamourous, consider opting for a scrumptious looking wedding dessert table.

Wear Shoes That Make You Feel Like A Princess

Your wedding shoes are something that’s barely visible to your visitors; but oh, so important to complete your outfit. Choose a pair that makes you feel like a princess at her ball; a shoe that gives you a little happiness with every step you take. Opt for something like a designer Deseo shoe; for after all, Deseo means desire in Spanish!

Wear A Dress That’s Custom Made for You

It’s very true that your wedding dress is something that you’ll only where for one day; unless you’re planning on wearing something simple, of course. However, despite that, it’s important that you select a dress that fits you perfectly, and complements your figure and skin tone. Doing so will not only make you look breathtaking, but also make this day extra glamorous for you…

Opt for Makeup That Make You Glow; But Still Look Like You

From 3 months prior to the big day, make sure you take care of your skin so that you give an easier canvas to work with for your makeup artist. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy. Avoid stressing about your big day, and do your best to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Exercise to give your skin that perfect flush, and ask your makeup artist to give you a glow on your big day¾but that you still look like you…

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