So your best bud is heading into his happily wedded life. His once glory days of mad parties and nights with the boys are going to drastically reduce as he comes up to his neck in marital bliss (and duties). If you want to send him off with a bang, here are some of the best ways you can host an unforgettable bachelor party.

Man in Charge

This is a trick, there is no lone man in charge. Planning a bachelor party isn’t a one-man operation- make sure to get some support from the more experienced attendees if you, as the best man, don’t have as much experience as you’d like. Putting together the money for this isn’t going to be an easy feat so your wedding party would ideally have to be active participants that come through.

The Guests

It’s usually a rule that if you’re travelling and there’s accommodation costs involved, that you go as a smaller group but you need to be careful about who you pick and avoid asking anyone that didn’t make the guest list- ideally, work with the guest list in your hand during this part of the planning. It stands to reason that if the groom is more comfortable with a more subtle get together, then you don’t have to limit the number of guests.

The Date

Never organise the bachelor party right before the marriage. These are simple rules of engagement you need to follow so you don’t get that fiancé in trouble with his wife-to-be. And so you don’t have to face her wrath at the end of the line either, make sure to reign in the groom if he comes close to crossing a line.

The Destination

Not everyone will be able to afford pitching in for an expensive getaway so make sure you get a sense of how much money you’re dealing with exactly before you decide on what to do. But its worth remembering that you don’t always have to go on expensive trips abroad to have some good fun with the boys. With bucks party poker events Sydney you don’t have to travel far to give the groom the night of a lifetime.

Poker nights have always been tradition so why not up the ante and add a more tempting option to the mix to appeal to the boys- say lingerie, topless and nude poker dealers. The company will even seal the deal by taking care of all the arrangements, including the delivery and setup of blackjack tables. You can follow up by treating the groom to a night out- if he’s still up for it that is.


Factor in some downtime if you’re planning a jam-packed excursion. This definitely doesn’t mean sleeping away what’s supposed to be the most exhilarating trip of your best bud’s life. Go in for more low-key entertainment like beer pong, a good old game of cards- Cards against Humanity is definitely a crowd pleaser.

Follow these basics and make sure you give your friend the send-off he deserves.

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