If you have chosen to become a professional model and follow this profession down the path and build a successful career, then the start of it is very crucial. For a model, nothing is more important than presentability; that is, in simple terms how you present yourself to everyone. Contrary to popular belief, being a model is not something simple, in fact it is one of those professionals that is somewhat demanding in certain ways. Depending on the type of modelling you want to do, whether it is talent, ramp and catwalks or simple photography, you will need to have different goals set and work towards emphasizing different aspects of you.


For instance, if you are wanting to become a model who walks ramps and does fashion shows then your height is absolutely crucial and if you are doing photography then depending on the type of photography that you are doing – fashion clothing, lingerie, and product adverts etc. – you will need to make adjustments in your physical appearance.

Majority of the time people consider this to be an easy profession but what they don’t see is the amount of work, dedication and time that is devoted to ensuring that the image built is maintained. When you are a model, you need to have the capability of accepting both acceptances and declines in the industry; you should also be able to take criticism and not think too much of it. Here are some ways you could set yourself up as a model:

Make Sure To Get Professional Headshots Done For Your Portfolio

If you are someone who is extremely serious about being a model and want to approach high end clients, then don’t hand them a sloppy portfolio. Make sure to do it right and give them a chance to appreciate your professionalism in the industry. It is possible for a photography studio hire in Melbourne or anywhere else you live in, get a professional photographer to get some proper headshots of you that you can present to your clients.

Learn your best angles and the most flattering poses, use these to enhance your appearance when putting yourself out there. When you are a person who is confident in yourself and know yourself then it becomes so much easier to work with you and so clients will want to work with you. Modelling is no longer about being just a pretty face, it is about the confidence you have in yourself as well.

Don’t Start On Your Own Unless You Know the Industry

This is another important thing to keep in mind if you are only now entering the industry. Unless you have a good knowledge of how the whole industry works it is best to sign up with an agency till you make good. This is because the agency will know where to put you and where to look for jobs, they will not simply put you forward for every job that comes up but will refine their selection and find the perfect ones ideal for you. This way you can be sure to get jobs rather than waiting around.

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