Each year, same as the weather changes according to the different seasons, human activities define various “seasons”. The wedding season is one of them. From January onwards till the end of June, there are a lot of weddings and you will also be invited to several of them. What is the etiquette you have to follow this wedding season?

Your Attire

Some couples take the liberty to recommend a dress code for their wedding. However there was a recent online uproar due to a bride’s firm request of dressing in a very particular way. The comments on the emails the bride had sent to the guests indicated that not everyone likes to abide by rules or a certain dress code when it comes to a wedding. It is mostly due to the relationship or friendship each person has to the couple, that they participate in a wedding. Therefore setting a rigorous dress code might not be the way to go.

However, as a guest if you do have a dress code to abide to, it is only polite that you stick to it. Most couples are quite liberal about what guests can wear. Hence it is your responsibility to choose something which is suitable for a wedding. There were instances where the mother of the groom wore her wedding dress to her son’s wedding!

The bottom line is that you must not go to either end; don’t overdress or underdress. For a female, a sensible gown would be the best. If it is a summer wedding you can sport a hat. And for guys it is the easiest, just go with a good suit. There are many resources online where you can take tips as to what color the coat or the blazer has to be, matching the belt with the shoes etc.

Wedding Gifts

It is a mandatory ritual that you bring something to a wedding. Not that the couple expects you to, however it is simply the norm that you gift them with something useful. Most couples stick to wedding registries, but if you are a person who waits until the last moment, you may run out of things to buy from the registry. In that case a gift voucher may be better than going without a gift.

If you are the planning type, you can visit the relevant shop and choose something useful and buy gift boxes to suit that gift. A unique box to hold your gift can differentiate yours from everyone else’s, hence making an impression in the couples’ minds about how thoughtful you are.


A wedding is a holy ceremony. Even if there is no religious ceremony going on, marriage is where two people come together, and they expect you to be there to wish them good luck and give your blessings. Therefore do not think slightly about punctuality. It is important that you be there on time.

Especially if it is a church ceremony, do not make a grand entrance while the ceremony is going on. Even if it is just a reception do not turn up at the last moment and just eat or drink and leave. It is a social obligation to be there for the couple and wish them all the best in their new life.

Remember when you got married? How would you have felt if somebody came in rags, late or empty-handed? Make sure you are not “that guy” at another person’s wedding.

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