If possible, most homeowners would want to have fresh flowers as décor all the time. But not all are fortunate to have the money to pay for flowers that would wither after a few days. Or not all have a green thumb and a space to grow their own flowers which they could harvest as soon as the flowers in the vases shrivelled.

Fortunately, we have the option to purchase fake flowers that could serve as decoration. We just have to make sure that the fake flowers we buy are not tacky and if possible, could pass as fresh flowers.

Purchase Fake Flowers with Lifelike Colors

When you buy fake flowers, don’t buy flowers with flamboyant and vivid colours. Remember to buy something that could pass as the real thing. If you buy decorative fake flowers that come in impossible colours, like a pink sunflower or a blue lily, it’s very obvious that it’s fake. If you want the fake flowers to not be considered tacky, make sure that they have lifelike colours. Roses come in reds, pinks, yellows, and whites so buy fake roses in the same colours.

Add Greenery

To make sure that the fake flowers would look more authentic and natural, add greenery. Add leaves, branches and shrubberies. You would be surprised how convincing they would look once you added some greenery to the vase. And similar to fresh flower arrangement, greens would help break the shock of colours and flowers to provide a dynamic on your arrangement.

Realistic Textures

The most important feature of fake flowers is the materials used for it. The texture should not be smooth and silky since petals of fresh flowers have a coarse texture. Also, don’t choose fake flowers with glossy leaves since the leaves of fresh flowers have more of a subtle sheen. Wires are important on artificial flowers to make them more aligned and to help spruce them in an arrangement that you prefer. So, make sure that when you purchase fake flowers that the wires are not visible so they would pass off as the real thing.

Opt for Colored or Stained Vase

When you display your fake flower arrangement, it is recommended that you do so using a coloured or stained vase because it might be more difficult for you to hide that the flowers are a fake. At least with a coloured or stained vase you could hide any indications that the flowers are a fake especially the wirings at the end. Make sure though that you choose a colour that would complement the flowers. Otherwise, the clashing colours would make the arrangement look tacky.

When you start to consider fake flowers as décor, do your research first and search for inspiration. More and more homes and even commercial establishments have chosen to use them to beautify their spaces. Look and examine how they made it work. Then you would have a fair idea of what will look elegant and beautiful in your own space.

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