A wedding is an important occasion. It is the day when two people in love promise to be there with each other in front of people. Once the couple has decided on marriage planning the wedding can be really a huge task, with lots of things that need to be taken care of. It can bring anxiousness and stress amidst the excitement. You want everything to go well therefore proper planning of the event should be done in order for it to run smoothly.

Planning and budget

Planning is very important, because if you fail to plan things are bound to mess up. Therefore, sit with your partner and family and decide what has to be done. Before the event write your budget. Also discuss how your expenses are going to be distributed. Think about the location, catering services, wedding floral designer in Hawthorn, the guest list, the clothes and other things that you would like to have.

Venue of the wedding

Where you want to hold the wedding is up to one’s preference, some like to have an outdoor wedding where as some like to have it indoors. You can discuss with your partner and decide on a location, outdoor weddings can be held at a scenic location, at a beach or any other beautiful spot you have in mind, once you have decided on it you have to talk to people who are responsible and get the place booked. Or you might like an indoor spot like at a hotel or any other reception hall, since these places get booked really quickly it is important that you make your reservations beforehand. This would avoid you from having any sort of disappointment in the last moment.

The theme and attire for the wedding

You can discuss with your partner or look online for any inspiration for the theme of your wedding and you can bring down decorations team that are good at it and arrange your wedding. Many people tend to have their wedding attire corresponding to the theme. Therefore, you can look for clothes that go well with it. You can browse for your wedding clothes online or visit the shop by yourself and order the clothes. Even after checking clothes online make sure to visit the place by yourself so you can fit on and alter the measurements if needed.

Food and cake

Wedding food should be great and the guests should feel happy after attending your wedding. Ask from people you know of good caterers or browse the internet and find a good one, make sure to read the reviews before you place an order. In your menu make sure to include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian so people who come to your wedding have a choice to pick and the wedding cake you can contact a good baker and place your order.

Hire a good photographer

You want beautiful moments like this to be captured so bring in a good photographer to capture these moments.

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