A gift has the power to make someone happy and make them feel special. But sometimes, the impact of the gift falls short due to packaging mistakes that you make.

When you’re dedicating time, energy, and money to a gift, it would be a shame to lose the truest essence of the gift like that. Thus, in this read, we’re here to tell some of the most common rookie gift packaging mistakes to avoid them.

Not stuffing enough

Smartphone manufacturers are extremely careful about their packaging since they want to preserve the quality of the product. Thus, the interior of the packaging looks as if the phone and other accessories were embossed into clay.

Once there’s no extra wiggle room, whatever inside stays still, and that’s the safest way. Hence, if you’re not stuffing the interior of the packaging with materials like scraps.

Inappropriate size and type

Planning to rely mostly on stuffing is yet another unsafe method. Because at the end of the day, fitting wine bottles in cardboard wine boxes is not just the safest but also the way how you can bring an added value to the item.

But when you use just any box to package a fine liquor like wine, that just doesn’t do justice. On the flips side, on an occasion where you simply cannot find bespoke wine packaging, you need to be extremely careful about the size compatibility of the chosen rectangular box.

Forgetting default sitting orientations

Even if you had pro gift packaging skills, there’s one more mistake that completely ruins the value of the gift. But as a matter of fact, this issue can be perfectly resolved if you used more bespoke packaging, such as wine packaging for wine boxed, beer packaging for beer cans, and even display boxes for any gift that gives out a little taste of what’s inside.

The problem is the complication of default sitting orientation. If you didn’t package the gift without considering how the gift would be physically oriented when the box is freely placed on the floor, there’s a good chance of the goods being damaged. The remedy is choosing bespoke boxes or making a DIY package that fulfills all the features of bespoke boxes.

Harmful material selection

When a bottle doesn’t ‘react’ with any material type, there’s a good chance for a liquor bottle to be scratched if the packaging material was too rough. If the contents were something like food, choosing inappropriate material would surely alter the quality of the contents.

Thus, it’s essential to choose a material that keeps the contents safe, and doing this is much easier if you chose products from reliable packaging manufacturers, especially if you’re running a business and having high hopes on Christmas sales.

Not personalizing

One significant difference between multinational corporations and local businesses is the fact how local businesses can have a touch of personalization that bigger companies cannot do. After all, slipping in a thank you card with the customer’s name is as impactful as slipping in a letter inside the packaging that personalizes a gift to anyone who receives it.

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